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Print Media
• Large Format UV Printing
• Outdoor Inkjet Printing
• Giant Banner
• Lamp Post Bunting
• Backlit Poster
• Out Door Media

Retail & Corporate
• Retail Display System
• Corporate Premium
• Vehicle Graphic
• Transit
• Window Graphic
• Signage
• Wall Mural
• Food Menu

Event & Exhibition
• Backdrop Display
• Mall Deco
• Expo Booth
• Exhibition Display System
• Inflatable Sale & Rental
• Event Management

Graphic Design Services
• Logo & Corporate Branding
• Concept & Idea
• Brochure & Flyer
• Banner & Bunting
• Poster
• Booklet
• Publication

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Our Ecosolutions

To help our clients realise their CSR green initiatives, we have started to introduce green advertising solutions such as water-based ink and HP Latex natural ink for printing needs, especially for health-sensitive environment like F&B, healthcare kindergarten, kids center and spa, and other enclosed air-conditioned environment e.g. shopping mall, bank, retail outlet,transit, showroom, showhouse, cinema etc. And to further reaffirm our corporate clients’ green commintment, we can complement these natural ink prints on equally eco-friendlymaterials such as recycled paper, PVC-free wall paper,recyclable vinyl, textitle etc.

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Ecosolutions are odourless, non-flammable, non-hazardous, superior in colour vibrancy, sharper print-out, and most of all, kind to the environment. A little extra effort today will ensure a better tomorrow for all. Together we can be part of the solution in leaving behind a greener, beautiful world for our children to inherit.

We would be delighted to present these ecosolutions for our corporate clients’ consideration without obligation at all.

About Us

Through its years, MO Advertising has expanded and charted annual growth by consistently expanding its client base. Today we are proud to call ourselves printing specialists that can provide innovative quality solutions for every type of printing need.

MO Advertising is big on honouring the customer’s priority. To us, customer service is defined by the high quality standards of products and services that we aim to offer our customers. The company has set in place a business structure that gives each employee the opportunity to serve their customers. We want to forge better relationships with our clients, and deliver only the best results to them.

Mission & Vision
To provide a tailored one-stop advertising solution that will fulfill our clients’ respective business strategies, while ensuring both flexibility and high quality.

One-Stop Solution
MO Advertising prides itself on being a customer-oriented company that continuously provides the most effective solution for our customers’ individual needs. We believe in building a one-stop solution for our customers – offer a creative design or idea with high technology printing as well as complete our customers’ needs for installation. The company also recognises the value of after sales services, and this is what keeps our customer database strong.
Focus On Before/After Sales Service(s)
We have a professional installer team that promises customers highly efficient workmanship with top-notch quality. MO Advertising’s success hinges on our decision to place top focus on our customers’ priorities – we not only want to provide customers with solutions for their requirements, but also offer quality before and after sales service(s).

The company’s far reaching network of direct material supply from overseas has also helped us in our material cost budgeting, and resulted in increased productivity.

Latest Technology
Having recently procured the latest high technology printer, MO Advertising is excited to achieve better cost and time effectiveness in products delivery. The new UV inkjet printing technology has opened up more opportunities for us by being able to print arrays of materials, a technology that escapes the ordinary printer, while guaranteeing the highest output quality.
Trend Awareness
MO Advertising keeps abreast of latest technology and updates in the industry, in order to deliver better quality to our customers. Paperless advertisement, online advertisement and promotion have become popular in the retail industry. We understand the importance of product awareness or advertising, and its effective method of reaching out to people. Investing in high technology may require high resources investment and maintenance, but we think it’s worth it.


Always striving to improve our business structure to accommodate an expanding client base, MO Advertising keeps up an ongoing search for experienced employees that is in line with expansion into the international market. With advantage of support from the local production house and supplier, we have plans to extend our support to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and from there we hope to expand to other countries in the Middle East region.

Dubai presents a range of businesses that come with opportunities for different activities and operations. Its strategic spot makes it a potentially thriving cultural hub, which will bring a multitude of business possibilities to the region.

Having achieved success over the years, MO Advertising is ready to showcase its wares and capabilities to an international audience. With its active and diverse advertising scene, Dubai offers potential business prospects in the existing and future market, making it MO Advertising’s country of choice for our plans of global expansion.

It was indeed a pleasure to meet and work with you and Alwin for Coke event. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your great assistance and cooperation. I hope that soon our paths will cross again. Keep in touch!

Thomas, Company Name

Thanks for making our annual dinner on last Friday (19/10) such a successful one, and pleased to share that I received a lot of positive feedback.

Jeff Lim, Abbott

I would like to thank MOAD too. Well done guys because so far I did received mostly the positive comments for the Annual dinner. My colleagues claimed that they did enjoyed the show and the emcee was really "walau eh" funny.

Wish u guys have a good day ya.

Catherine, Abbott
I would just like to once again express my gratitude for all the hard work that went into organizing and handling the reservations for the guests staying at your hotel for the WLHA Gala Ceremony as well as all the finer details that all of you assisted with a few days before to ensure the smooth running of the entire event. We feel extremely proud to have worked with such an experienced well organized team and want to say thank you to each and every one of you that helped making this event a success.

The feedback we received after the spectacular event was really wonderful and a large part of what went into the arrangements was handled by yourselves. You really deserve a big thank you and I hope in future at some point we can work together again.

It was lovely to stay at your beautiful property and we were really well looked after. It was great to see the dedication of the team and we are certainly proud to hand over an Award to a property that stand up to overall excellence in every way.

I hope that the final video can be shown to Mr Winsnes as I am sure he will also be blown away by the final outcome of all the arrangements.

May you have a lovely year ahead and please stay in touch!

Marinique de Wet, Executive Manager, World Luxury Hotel

Management Team

Creative Team

Production & Installation Team



Shopping Malls
Mid Vally Shopping Mall
The 19 USJ City Mall
Shaw Parade Mall
Leisure Mall
Jaya 33 Mall

Retail Shops
New Balance
Admiral England
Mont Blanc
Fabulous Mom
Fossil Eyewear
Lotto Sport Eyewear

Hotels & Banks
Pan Pacific Hotel
Philea Resort & Spa
Nouvelle Hotel
F & B Outlets
J. Co Donuts & Coffee
My Vegetarian
Umami House of Steamboat
Tesco Food Court (Malaysia)
Green Green Organic Kitchen
Steam Room

Healthcare & Cosmetic Boutiques
Freshkon Cosmetic Lenses
Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses
Blincon Contact Lenes
Sauflon Contact Lens
Ciba Vision
Serene Aesthetics
Aurella Skin Care
Ortus Beauty Skin Care
Organic Hair Care Product

Corporate Clients
Agel (Malaysia)
Federal Auto
Jasmine Rice
Malaysia Airline Holding
Mass Wing
Genting Resort
Global Art HQ (Malaysia)
Events & Expos
Shell Global Retailers Award Event
Terry White Pharmaceutical Events
Avon Cosmetic (UK) Event
Bentley Asia Pacific Tour Event
Pulky Goods (Australia)
Astro Sport Channel Event Launch
Murphy Oil & Gas Expo
Celcom Tele Expo
Dewitt Watches Launch
Mont Blanc Launch
Flow Line Luxury Bathroom Expo
Asean Basketball League (Malaysia)
Esprit Opening Launch
Freshkon Mosic Cosmetic Lenses Launch
Schwarzkopf Product Roadshow
Ciba Vision Roadshow
Terry White Conference
AVON UK - Award Winning "Rimba Nite" General Motors Incentive & Gala
Astra Zeneca Conference
BlackBerry Experience Zone
Pharma Conference Gambit
Offsite Dinner
Charity Team Building
Traditional Welcome Troupe
School of Hard Knocks
Interactive Sponse Programme
Discover KL Hunt


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